5 Tips For Well-Being At Work In The IT Sector

The last few years have impacted everyone and every aspect of our lives, from our social lives, employment culture, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. Here we will give you five simple tips for better wellbeing of those who work in IT professions.

Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical activity has been proven to promote wellbeing and increase productivity of the employee at work. It has also been shown to lower anxiety and depression and positively impact general mental health. You don’t need to have a long and intense exercise session necessarily. Even a ten-minute walk or an activity that you can incorporate at your workstation would be enough. Whether you work for a business that allows you to work from home or in an office, you should move around in whatever form suits you. For example, if your job permits, think about getting a desk that allows you to go from a sitting to a standing desk, or use a Fitbit to track how much time you sit and vibrate to signal that you need to get moving.

Create a Healthy Workspace

Most of us realistically spend hours in our office, and a dark, poorly laid-out room will impact your wellbeing, health, and productivity. On the other hand, well organised and nicely decorated,with good air circulation and ventilation, will facilitate focused work and allow for better workplace collaboration. If you work remotely from home, it is especially important to have dedicated spaces for work, breaks, and meals so that, rather than eating at your desk while you work, you intentionally take time for a proper break.

Invest in Ergonomic Equipment

Another contributing factor to the wellbeing when you work in IT professions is ergonomics and comfortable desks. Investing in ergonomic and comfortable workstations is essential for the wellbeing of all employees, especially those with sedentary jobs, preventing back problems from developing. Sufficiently comfortable office chairs that give you adequate support or tools adapted to your needs will improve not only your level of comfort but also your motivation.

Connect with Others

Take part in wellness activities and connect with others. Social relationships come in many forms and are necessary, especially for wellbeing work in IT professions. Setting up activities that are beneficial for both your body and mind helps to promote wellbeing at work. Yoga classes or group relaxation workshops can be part of the ideas that can be put in place to combat stress, depending on your work environment. If you are a remote worker in an IT profession, don’t let this hold you back from organising lunchtime socials or catch-ups with fellow employees or teammates, even virtually over zoom if you need to. Working in a positive atmosphere and creating mutually supportive relationships is essential for most employees.

Find Your Balance

Now more than ever, employees want more time for their families or to enjoy leisure activities. More and more of us would like to be able to adjust our working hours or schedules. The majority would also like to work remotely, to avoid time wasted on public transport and be more productive. Be aware of how you feel and your general surroundings during your workday. How you feel after a long night of inadequate sleep will affect your mood and, over a long period of time, will have a negative impact on your psychological well being, it is therefore vital to sleep well.

These are just a few vital steps you can take that will significantly improve your wellbeing at work in the IT sector.

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The New Metaverse Jobs

Facebook, now known as Meta, has made it clear that its focus is building the Metaverse, with the technology conglomerate making heavy investments in the virtual reality platform and hiring 10,000 new staff. Now is the time to evaluate what Metaverse job opportunities will be available in the virtual reality world.

Metaverse Marketing

Social media has become a key part of a business’s marketing strategy, with its ability to connect with customers in a simple but massively effective way. A social media manager’s responsibilities include developing, implementing, managing, and planning social media accounts for organisations and companies. The Metaverse opens up the opportunity for similar roles in Metaverse marketing. Users have the ability not just to utilise the Metaverse but also to create content, just like the most popular social media platforms. There will be great opportunities for Metaverse marketing jobs and specialists in the coming years.

Metaverse Architect

Much like our real-world environment, personalising our spaces to create something that fits our personality and needs. For this reason, architects are one of the most sought-after Metaverse jobs. The ability to create and design a 3D virtual reality means that architects will have no problem finding jobs, creating shops, cool houses, and everything else.

Content Creators

To say there is a need for content creation in the Metaverse would be a massive understatement. Although much work has already been completed to create the digital world, there is still a long way to go to build this world from the bottom up. Content creation Metaverse jobs cover a wide range of areas, including home design, fashion design, and gaming.

Metaverse Security

Just like the rest of the online world, the Metaverse is susceptible to cybersecurity threats and fraudulent transactions. The Metaverse is a hub of economic activity, where users can trade crypto tokens, and attend business meetings. It is anticipated that in the future, all financial activities that are feasible in the real world will be possible in the Metaverse, which, of course, comes with a lot of risks. The gamified nature of all transactions adds a layer of vulnerability, with the risk of not showing as much caution. New security development and programming levels will be continuously needed to keep up with this ever-evolving technology.

Blockchain, Metaverse Jobs

One of the hottest metaverse jobs is blockchain engineer, a relatively new job title. The role of a blockchain engineer involves creating, analysing, developing, and implementing digital blockchain networks. Blockchain engineers require a high-level understanding of related platforms and the ability to design high-level digital spaces and take care of the online ecosystems. Roles in the blockchain space will continue to rise over the coming years, but the opportunity to work with big brands with great benefits. There are many more Metaverse job opportunities, including NFT Developers, virtual tour guides, AR and VR engineers, and even Metaverse lawyers. Futureproof your career now and start building your experience and training to work in one of the most sought-after Metaverse jobs.

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