Experis Academy

Why should we collaborate with Experis Academy?

At Experis, we look ahead and believe in continuous learning. Having a basic education is of course fantastic, but the technical development is fast. When students in IT have completed their education, it can sometimes feel difficult to directly assume the role of IT specialist. This is where Experis Academy comes in. We hand-pick candidates with the right drive and knowledge and help them build their skills adapted to the rapid development of your company. We let you be part of the journey and together we help identify and equip the IT heroes of the future for your business. 

This is Experis Academy

Experis Academy is tomorrow’s school that intensively educates and further develops IT skills adapted to Swedish working life. In just three months, we train or retrain the participants’ skills to adapt to the competence needs of the future. Our concept is based on the bootcamp method with fast learning in classroom format where we combine theory with practice under close follow-up and guidance from teachers and mentors. As a company, you can choose between hiring consultants from our Accelerated learning program, working with Upskill and Reskill of staff or Business programs tailored to your needs. Read more about this here or contact us for more information

Academy is an Accelerated Learning Program where a 3-month program with high intensity is followed by a 12-month consulting position with assignments for one of our clients. During the training, mentors and coaches work together to identify the right career paths for the right person.

Our Re-skilling programs offer development opportunities for the employees who are already part of your company. The need for skills within organizations is constantly changing and with a tailor-made Re-skilling program from Experis Academy, we ensure that your employees get the skills your company needs for the future. Together, we develop a program adapted to your company’s skills needs and technical environment.

Within our Up-skilling programs, the participants build on and improve existing competencies in a specific area. In addition, there are requirements for prior knowledge to ensure that the class can work together at a high pace with very practical training. Through the program, the participant acquires the practical experience that in many cases is lacking after university or college studies.

Experis Academy is the IT education of the future where the course content is adapted to our customer’s needs. Our concept is based on an intensive bootcamp model where training programs are combined with specialization steps at the specific customer. During a specific period, the candidates are on assignment with our client and gain unique experience of what it means to work as an IT consultant. During the training, the consultants have close follow-up with teachers and mentors from Experis to ensure that their skills are strengthened and that your business needs are covered.

Recruitment is managed by Experis Academy, which ensures that students have the opportunity to complete the education. Each candidate is evaluated on the basis of competence, suitability and willingness to learn – the goal is to give the candidates top competence, more deep and practical experience to meet the demands of the labor market more quickly.

The programs at Experis Academy have been developed in close collaboration with the business community and Noroff, School of technology and digital media. Participants develop real skills that match the needs of companies. After a three-month Accelerated Learning Program, participants are ready for a period of specialization where they work as IT consultants for 12 months with one of our clients.