Junior Software Engineer

  • Location: LIEGE
  • Type: Perm
  • Job #13739

Are you passionate about C / C++ development and eager to develop your skills in this type of development?

Do you own a Master degree in IT or engineering?


Are you willing to work from Liège in a highly innovative and stimulating company active in the industrial sector?

Read the description below: this might be something for you !!


In order to support its growth in a fast-moving sector, our client is looking for  software engineers (C/C++). The position is located in  Liège region.

Interested by the space sector and by computer systems, the ideal candidates will pay particular attention to the optimization and quality of the code produced in compliance with the coding standards in force in the space sector.

What would be your main responsibilities and tasks?

Within this framework, and under the responsibility of the project manager, you will be led to :

  • Participate in the improvement of a simulator infrastructure;
  • Contribute to the design and development of space equipment models or operating tools;
  • Carry out the integration and configuration of satellite or launcher simulators;
  • Participate in the execution of tests and exploit and validate the results obtained.

Are you the ideal candidate?

Must have:

  • You have a Master degree in engineering or computer science.
  • Knowledge of one or more programming languages: CC++TCL/TK and Python under Linux environment.
  • A solid knowledge of technical English is essential, both for reading specifications and writing documentation.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of CPU & FPGA programming on Zynq SoC
  • Knowledge of UML and Agile methodologies.
  • A knowledge or first experience of the SMP2 standard applicable to simulation models is a serious advantage.

What about the soft skills?

  • You are curious and open to learn new languages and systems.
  • Versatilityanalytical and synthesis skills are part of your strong skills.
  • You have good time and priority management and are able to deliver on time.
  • You demonstrate excellent verbal and written expression skills that allow you to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Flexible, you demonstrate a strong ability to work independently or in a team environment. You are a real team player.
  • Reliable by nature, you are a committed person on whom we can rely.

The AMAZING offer:

  • permanent contract at the heart of a stimulating and dynamic professional environment where you will be able to learn and develop your skills on a daily basis.
  • An attractive remuneration package in line with your profile and experience.
  • An opportunity to stand out on exciting projects.
  • A company on a human scale to which the well-being of its employees is essential.

Embedded Software Developer

  • Location: LIEGE
  • Type: Contracting
  • Job #13738

We urgently need two external consultants for an embedded software project in Liege.

We need two technical consultants for development, here are the important aspects:


  • Master in computer science (or equivalent through experience)


  • 3 years minimum in real-time critical embedded software
  • Space field is a real asset or in a "standardized" environment or in critical software (e.g. automotive, transport, nuclear, defense, aeronautics, …).
  • Master's degree
  • C programming language and scripting languages (e.g. Tcl)
  • Principles of embedded programming, real time
  • Real-time operating systems (e.g. VxW, RTEMS – or similar)
  • Methods, software modeling languages (e.g. UML)
  • Development environment and tools (e.g. Linux, Eclipse, Papyrus, Git)
  • Unit testing, integration and validation approaches and environments


  • Communication: fluent French or English
  • Technique: English for speaking, reading and writing.


  • Rigor
  • Autonomy
  • Efficiency


Embedded Software Engineer with PM Skills

  • Location: LIEGE
  • Type: Perm
  • Job #13247

Embedded Software Engineer with Project Management Skills

Are you looking for a new professional challenge as an embedded software engineer with project management responsibilities?

Do you have an engineering diploma or at least a Master’s degree in computer science?

Do you have at least 3-5 years of experience preferably in real-time embedded software sector, with a solid knowledge of C language?

Are you talented, bursting with energy and willing to contribute to the success of a growing company thanks to your analysis and flexible mindset?

Do you speak French and English?

Would you like to work in a dynamic and innovative company that takes good care of his collaborators?

Lucky you! We have the perfect challenge for you in Angleur (Liège)!



In order to support the growth of our client company in a fast-moving sector, we are looking for an "Embedded Software Engineer (Project Manager)" to join the Software Flight team. The position to be filled is located in our premises in Liège (Angleur) where a close-knit team meets every day in a serene climate that encourages exchanges and ensures respect for human beings.

Attracted by our sector of activity and passionate about IT systems, the ideal colleague will master the entire development cycle of critical software and will pay particular attention to the quality requirements in force.

Within this framework, and under the responsibility of the Manager of the Software Flight Business Unit, you will be led to :

o Develop software using UML modelling and C programming languages in accordance with space software standards and internal quality procedures (knowledge of technologies, tools and techniques) ;

o Write technical documentation (in English and possibly in French) ;

o Steering and monitoring the progress of the project in an overall project management role (planning, budget, resources, client) ;

o Working in an international environment: you may sometimes travel for short periods to meet clients, partners or subcontractors.



– You have a university degree in engineering or computer science.

– You have at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience. Experience in the real-time embedded software sector and/or in the space sector is a real asset.

– You have good project management skills: planning, task distribution, progress and budget monitoring, supervision and coordination of the project team, internal reporting and liaison with the client …

– You control the entire software development cycle from the engineering, specification and design phases through implementation, unit and integration tests to validation and qualification tests on target.

– You have a solid experience of the C language, the principles of real-time programming and associated operating systems such as VxWorks or RTEMS as well as the Linux environment.

– You have a good knowledge of software engineering and master formal software development methods, as well as languages, meta-languages, modelling tools and development environments, such as UML, XML, EMF.

– You are curious and open to learning new languages and systems. You are looking to improve yourself and contribute to the improvement of the processes for which you are responsible.

– You have a spirit of analysis and synthesis that enables you to estimate and prioritise your tasks and a good management of time and priorities in order to complete them within the given timeframe.

– You have good verbal and written communication skills that enable you to communicate effectively with all interested parties. You have a very good command of technical English.

– Versatile and flexible, you demonstrate a real ability to work both independently and in a team. You are a real team player.

– Reliable by nature, you are a committed person on whom we can rely.



– A permanent contract at the heart of a stimulating and dynamic professional environment.

– An attractive remuneration package in line with your profile and experience.

– An opportunity to make your mark on exciting projects.

– A company on a human scale that takes into account the well-being of its employees.


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Project Manager

  • Location: LIEGE
  • Type: Perm
  • Job #13175

Project Manager

Are you looking for a new professional challenge in IT project management in Telecom?

Do you have an experience as Project manager in Windows technical environments?

Do you have good communication skills, and also Excellent analytical, structuring and priority-setting skills in complex situations?

Do you speak French and English?

Are you talented, bursting with energy and willing to contribute to the success of a growing company?


Lucky you! We have the perfect challenge for you in Ans (near Liège)!



The Project Manager will work in the Access Network department (in Liège) which manages all aspects of the companies access network from the optical nodes to installation at the customer's premises.

Access Network manages the processes of installation at the customer's premises, the prevention and resolution of individual and collective (network) quality of service problems, as well as the processes of expansion and dimensioning of the physical network in Wallonia.


Main activities

  • Participate in the definition and framing of the functional and/or technical and/or IT needs.
  • Write general and detailed project specifications.
  • Define the needs in terms of human resources and technical and/or functional skills.
  • Prepare upstream the specifications, the elements of costing and/or invoicing.

Steering, monitoring and coordination of the project

  • To set up the project structures and its operating rules (methods, steering tools, indicators…) according to the methodology in force.
  • Define with the project teams, the objectives and deadlines for the deliverables (applications, modules, specific development…) as well as the milestones/milestones inherent to these deliverables.
  • Realize a capacity plan and a detailed schedule.
  • Pilot and measure progress (creation of dashboards, choice of indicators, planning of steering committees…).
  • Coordinate and organize the different activities within the project according to the priorities and skills of each person and the needs of the internal or external customer in order to offer an effective and efficient service that meets the organization's quality requirements within the given timeframe.
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of all internal and/or external actors
  • Validate the deliverables in particular with the project sponsor.

Customer relationship management

  • Organize and animate the steering committees with the decision-makers.
  • Transfer regularly to the sponsor the dashboards/KPIs on the project progress.
  • Ensure that a relationship of trust is maintained between the project owner and the project teams.
  • Ensure, in general, the communication towards all the actors of the project/program (stakeholder, sponsor, project teams, management, external partners…).

Closing of the project

  • Have all key project deliverables validated by the steering committee and the project sponsor
  • Dismantle project teams
  • Formulate the "lessons learned" and share them with the various stakeholders.


Are you the ideal candidate?

The Project Manager manages the entire project cycle assigned to him, from start to finish, which implies that he plans the project, ensures its follow-up and supports it with regard to its scope, duration, budget and quality. He acts as a point of communication between all stakeholders and coaches the team working on the project. The projects managed are typically internal projects within the Access Network department.

This role requires professional Project Management skills, excellent interpersonal skills, as well as basic technical knowledge in the relevant fields.

  • Methodological knowledge of project management (PMI, Prince II,…)
  • Proven experience in project management in technical environments
  • Excellent analytical, structuring and priority-setting skills in complex situations
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • "Problem Solver" is result-oriented, autonomous and pro-active,
  • Perfectly familiar with the Windows environment (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, …)
  • Very good oral and written knowledge in French and English


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Functionnal Data Analyst

  • Location: Liege
  • Type: Perm
  • Job #13064

Functional Data-Analyst

The functional data analyst is the key link for translating business needs into clear data requirements so they can be interpreted and used in IT developments by IT data analysts and data developers.

By specific data concepts for the business data strategy, we also mean the integration and compliance of the data governance work. The results of the functional data analyst's analyses will enable the correct handling of the requirements and the definition of a clear test approach for all data aspects of the project.

Based on this work, the functional data analyst will also be able to take into account the data quality aspects reported on the project topics in order to further develop his already acquired knowledge.

As functional data analyst :

  • You actively participate in the functional data analysis of the strategic initiatives from the business, from design to end-user delivery;
  • You know how to adapt to the profiles of your interlocutors and provide the necessary support;
  • You analyze, model and formalize the requests of the business by creating the corresponding documents (data requirements, testing strategy …);
  • Lead and organize the workshops to perform the functional data analysis;
  • Ensure the existence and validity of a testing strategy for the identified data requirements and support the business in its implementation;
  • You are the support of the IT teams for the functional data aspects;
  • Identify the activities that need to be implemented in order to consume these new data (sources);
  • Are you in charge of the functional data analysis of the change requests that end up in the backlog when production is started;
  • You may monitor the data quality aspects in order to further develop your mastery of the data requirements in this area, paying attention to the governance set up within the Data Office;


Which profile are we looking for?

  • You have a Bachelor or Master degree with +5 years of experience in this role.
  • You are fully familiar with the concepts of Data Management and Business Intelligence. Mastery of "Data Governance" concepts is a plus.
  • You are organized, structured and both customer and solution oriented.
  • You are able to communicate easily.
  • You have excellent analytical, synthesis and editorial skills. You are assertive and demanding in terms of quality and innovation.
  • You appreciate teamwork and are able to work flexibly and autonomously.
  • You have a perfect knowledge of Dutch, a good knowledge of French and English.


What can you expect from us?

You'll get a unique opportunity:

  • To grow within an organization that values internal mobility.
  • To take initiative, to develop yourself and to choose from a very interesting and extensive offer of training.
  • participate in the digital transformation, helping you and your colleagues determine the future of the insurance world.
  • Invest in your career as well as in your private life thanks to a good work-life balance.
  • To end up within a pleasant, warm organizational culture where you can be yourself.

Data Analyst

  • Location: Liege
  • Type: Perm
  • Job #13054

Notre client, qui est un leader du marché dans son domaine, est situé à Liège. En raison de la transformation digitael de leur entreprise, ils ont créé un nouveau département au niveau des Datas. Actuellement, le département existe depuis un an. Le département a pour objectif d'améliorer la gouvernance et la qualité des données à l'aide de nouveaux outils pour les rendre plus pertinentes pour l'entreprise.

Pour renforcer l'équipe, notre client recherche un Data Analyst ayant l'expérience de différents outils pour l'aider à atteindre ses objectifs.

Il s'agit d'un poste d'employé interne.


Vous assurerez le lien entre les systèmes commerciaux et informatiques, avec une expertise à la fois fonctionnelle et technique. Vous apporterez le soutien nécessaire aux métiers pour évaluer la qualité de leurs données et vous serez en charge de l'exploitation des systèmes informatiques dédiés à la gestion de la qualité des données :

  • Capacité à sauvegarder les duplications de formulaires de données afin que les données soient mises à jour de manière synchrone entre les systèmes et à certifier que les données sont pertinentes, fiables, précises et conformes aux formats de données définis.
  • Capacité à retracer les données tout au long de leur cycle de vie en décrivant ce qu'il advient des données lorsqu'elles passent par divers processus pour remonter à la source des erreurs.
  • Capacité à déterminer la source et le type de données internes/externes appropriés, ainsi que les instruments adéquats pour collecter les données afin de répondre aux exigences de l'entreprise, et également à identifier les lacunes existantes et les mesures qui en découlent.

Votre profil

  • Fortes compétences en SQL et en bases de données relationnelles / entrepôt de données (Oracle, SQL Server), expérience en analyse de données
  • Capacité à relier la qualité des données aux résultats de l'impact sur l’entreprise
  • Capacité à s'engager avec plusieurs niveaux de gestion parmi les utilisateurs techniques et les unités commerciales
  • Capacité à communiquer efficacement avec les délégués syndicaux pour résoudre les problèmes liés aux données
  • Solides compétences en matière de résolution de problèmes et attention aux détails
  • Connaissance de l'utilisation des graphiques
  • Connaissance de la data governance
  • Familiarité avec les outils de profilage des données
  • Expérience avec les outils de qualité des données
  • Une expérience dans le domaine des assurances sera considérée comme un atout
  • Etudes orientées vers les technologies de l'information, minimum 2 ans d'expérience et avoir déjà travaillé avec un outil de qualité des données
  • La maîtrise de la langue française et la maîtrise de la langue anglaise est nécessaire. La maîtrise de la langue néerlandaise sera considérée comme un atout.


L’offre de cette position

  • Un défi très intéressant dans une bonne équipe
  • Des possibilités de formation et d'évolution de votre carrière dans l'entreprise
  • CDI à temps plein
  • Un salaire attractif
  • Paquet extra-légal complet (avec plan cafeteria pour optimaliser votre avantage extra-légal à vos besoins).
  • Excellentes conditions d'équilibre entre vie professionnelle et vie privée (possibilité de bénéficier de plus de 40 jours de vacances par an, possibilités de travail à distance, horaires flexibles, …)


Processus d’entretien

Le processus d'entretien consiste en 1 à 2 tours d'entretien. Grâce à notre étroite collaboration avec le département des données de notre client, nous vous fournirons tous les détails sur l'entreprise, le manager, l'équipe et les éventuelles questions que vous pourriez recevoir au cours de l'entretien à notre client lors d'une réunion de préparation à l'entretien avec nous.


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Embedded Software Engineer Electronics

  • Location: Liège
  • Type: Contracting
  • Job #12565

Embedded Software Engineer Electronics

Are you looking for a new professional mission in embedded software engineering ?

Do you have a Master's degree in Electronics, hardware orientation or Computer Science?

Do you have rigor, Ability to analyze, sense of responsibility and experience in embedded system programming in C/C++, Linux, RTOS, Qt framework – OpenGL – CAN-bus – Unitary testing – Versioning tools – Network / Ethernet ?

Lucky you! We have the perfect challenge for you in Liège!



The context

The Group develops large-scale technological solutions to meet the needs of the times: preserving natural resources, contributing to greener mobility, producing sustainably, combating insecurity and facilitating access to renewable energy. Its offer to companies, states and local authorities takes the form of services and associated equipment for the energy, defence, industry, environment, transport and infrastructure sectors.

As part of its development, the ENGINEERING department within the DEFENSE sector is being strengthened and is recruiting several Electronic Engineers (M/F) – Embedded Systems – Software in order to support it in the management of its challenges as well as the development of its products.



What will be your challenges?

Within the team, you report directly to the Deputy Electronical Manager.

More specifically, you will have the following responsibilities:

– Project support – Software part

o Analysis and drafting of technical specifications

o Analysis and drafting of the technical aspects of offers in support of the sales department

o Develop technical solutions to meet specific product requirements, particularly in the area of development:

Real-time software and HMIs

Firmware programs on PIC and FPGA processors

o Systems integration, validation and qualification


Are you the ideal candidate?

Minimum requirements :

– You have a Master's degree in Electronics, hardware orientation or Computer Sciences.

– You have at least 5 years of professional experience

– You speak French and have a good knowledge of English, both spoken and written.

– Software profile :

o Experience in embedded system programming in C/C++.

o Linux and RTOS experience

o Experience in the following areas Qt framework – OpenGL – CAN-bus – Unitary testing – Versioning tools – Network / Ethernet

Professional skills

– High reliability: Organisation, efficiency, method and rigour

– Ability to analyse and synthesise

– Autonomous, proactive, curious, you show initiative.

– Sense of responsibility and practicality

– Collaborative dynamics and sense of service

– Flexible, meeting deadlines


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